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This is the ObexCode SyncServer API. The API can be used for flexible and advanced content handling and synchronization for mobile devices. Avalable services within the API:

  • Sync Engine, for synchronization of content between sync sources.
  • Sync Clients, for interfacing with mobile phones and using SyncML and ActiveSync to other web services such as Google GData and Facebook.
  • Sync Bindings, the Sync Engine synchronizes bindings between two Sync Clients.
  • Datastore, for storing content such as vCards, vCalendar and vNotes.
  • Content, for handling mobile phone content such as vCards and iCalendar objects.
  • Web2Phone, example WEB GUI interface.
  • Authentication, assured by OAuth.
  • SMS, for sending text and provisioning messages.


The Sync Server Architecture consists of the Sync Engine and Sync Clients. The Sync Engine synchronizes two Sync Clients with each other. This is called a Sync Binding. If you need to synchronize 3 Sync Clients with each other, then you have to do it using multiple Sync Bindings.

Go to the API documentation for more information.